Move Management

Moves Planning and Delivery

A smooth move for your business, with minimum business interruption, is a top priority. A Move Manager will make sure that everything is in place to make this happen.

A reputable office removals contractor will be engaged to carry out the physical moves. The Move Manager prepares tender documents to deliver a fair and consistent tender process, at the best price, and makes sure that all the detailed planning is in place four weeks before the move date.


It is also a good time for a clear-out and refresh. We can help you identify and record what wants moving and to where. We can also drive a disposals process before the move.


Most moves take place over weekends, to minimise interruption to your business. Staff leave their desk on a Friday afternoon, then return to work on a Monday morning straight to their new desk at the new location.


Staff personal belongings and IT equipment are all packed and labelled to ensure nothing is lost.