Project Planning

Strategic Planning

For many businesses, the prospect of relocation can be daunting. We give you straightforward, honest advice on timescales, budgets, statutory consents, planning, design, procurement, contracts, moves, disposals, etc.


What you don’t know can trip you up and cost you time and money. We will empower you from the outset so that you can avoid costly mistakes further along the line.


Site Identification

Working with your appointed Commercial Agents, we can help to identify any issues or limitations around potential sites.


We can fully test whether your preferred site is fit for purpose, through due diligence surveys, particularly for services such as the electrical supply, mechanical plant installations, and air conditioning. We will also check recommended space allowances for all staff and facilities.


Addressing these risks at the start will save you serious cost and time issues further down the line.


Budget Planning

We can advise on likely costs ahead of detailed design work. Typical areas of cost will include fit-out of the new premises, furniture, IT, relocation expenses, designer fees, mechanical and engineering fees, statutory costs for planning permissions and building regulations.





Space Planning

How you plan your new space will have a massive impact on business performance and your staff. Following a thorough briefing process with you, we will work with the interior designer or space planner to deliver a proposed layout than meets your needs.


At this stage, many businesses approach not just the space plan, but also how it will be used.  This can give the opportunity to look at flexible ways of working, which can lead to less space requirement and lower costs.